We represent the civil construction industry in northern Paraná, Brazil.
We defend this sector, articulate actions and project the future.
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Coverage area
+ 80 cities
+ 1600 companies represented
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In the city of Londrina, Civil Construction represents
+ 15% of GDP
generates +10.000 jobs
Generator of countless benefits and an expressive source of resources for the economy of the entire region, the Civil Construction Industry in the north of Paraná establishes the quality and technological mastery of its services as vectors for the socio-economic and cultural growth of the society and communities where it operates.

Headquartered in Londrina, Sinduscon Paraná Norte has in its territorial base 87 other cities in the region. Politically represents the sector and promotes the integration of the construction production chain at regional and state levels. It seeks to fulfill its role as a dynamic and active entity, establishing partnerships with other associations, academic institutions and agencies at the federal, state and municipal levels, and sectors of the community that also think and work for the direct benefit of organized and planned social and urban growth.

It promotes the increment to foster the production industry, improves and encourages professional qualification and the training of the workforce. Continuously seeks solutions for the consolidation of a stronger and more homogeneous construction and real estate market. It highlights the need for discussion and synergy with technological trends, to integrate systems and people and globalize ideas, and thus build and build society on solid structural bases.
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